Tourney Pass - About the Program

How does the program work?

Teams purchase a Tourney Pass membership for the 2021 Season and have instant access to enter their team into Tourney Pass tournaments* at NO COST!  Additionally, Tourney Pass members will have access to Tourney Pass Affiliate tournaments,  which will have discounts from 10-40% off!

*Tourney Pass tournaments will have a limited number of registration spots available to Tourney Pass teams, so teams are encouraged to purchase their pass and sign up for tournaments early!

What about Tournament Gate Fees?

Teams have the option to purchase a Tourney Pass+ membership that includes 20 gate passes for fans to enter the tournament at NO COST!  Additionally, the team receives 20 memberships into the ETS Sports Travel Club, which offers discounted hotel rooms from 10-70% off for families to use when traveling for business or leisure throughout the year!

*Not all Tourney Pass tournaments will accept Tourney Pass+ and gate fees would still be required for teams and/or their fans.

What is required of member teams?

To make Tourney Pass work, we are working closely with sponsors and supporters in several areas.  Throughout the season we will be periodically sending out some sponsor deals and information and hope your team considers supporting our partners.  Additionally, we are working closely with hotels in our tournament destinations and we are REQUIRING that Tourney Pass teams book their tournament hotel accommodations with us when traveling to a Tourney Pass tournament (70+ miles).  We will be working to negotiate the best available rates for your team at your preferred hotels.

How do we register and confirm our spots using Tourney Pass?

Eventually teams will go directly to to select their tournaments, but initially we have a spreadsheet of tournaments where teams can select their events and email them in.  Once you’ve made your selections, we will coordinate those requests to each tournament director to confirm your spot in the tournament.  Additionally, we will help to facilitate any additional communication you need from the tournament director to make sure you are aware of all requirements and documentation needed before the tournament.    

Is there anything you can do for non Tourney Pass tournaments?

Let us know where you plan to play and we’ll do our best to negotiate a discounted rate for your team.  Additionally, if it is a tournament you are traveling to, and the organizer isn’t requiring you to stay at specific hotels, we’ll work to negotiate a deal with the hotels to secure the best rate for your team and get the hotel to rebate you 10-40% of your tournament entry!

What if we don’t see enough Tourney Pass tournaments that we’re interested in to justify buying a membership?

No worries, we also offer an Affiliate Membership for $100 that allows you to receive the discounts available to teams at the Tourney Pass Affiliate Member level.